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Delivering/Ensuring Safety, Health & Environment protection in LPG Distribution – NGC Energy

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SUNGAI PETANI, 7 July 2022 - 28 MiraGas Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stockists and dealers from the Northern states of Perak, Penang and Kedah gathered for a convention on safety and health. 

NGC and DOSH join hands together to host a convention for LPG distributors

Organised by NGC Energy Sdn Bhd in collaboration with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distributors Convention 2022 was successfully hosted in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

It was officiated by DOSH Petroleum Safety Division Director YBrs Ir. Mohd Rosdee bin Yaacob, with DOSH representatives from Putrajaya and its Directors from the participating states also in attendance.

Such Dialogue Exchange between the government & private sector is a great initiative to promote public safety awareness. In addition to conducting several events and initiatives for its MiraGas dealers, such as self-audits and industry activity reports, NGC Energy has maintained a close working connection with DOSH. The NGC LPG filling facilities in Pasir Gudang and Port Dickson have also received technical visits from DOSH.

Speaking on the relevance of safety awareness, Julianna Kamaruddin, Chief Executive Officer of NGC Energy at Sungai Petani Convention, said: 

"This collaboration between NGC Energy and DOSH is a joint initiative to ensure that the safety and health standards at LPG distribution centres are prioritised and maintained at the highest standards possible," 

Discourse on Safety Briefing & Welcoming Notes by CEO NGC & DOSH Petroleum Safety Division Director

Major technical mishaps have shown that their repercussions frequently extend outside the factory fence and impact people, property, and the environment, sometimes over a wide area. Because of this, effective industrial management must include safety.

This convention was organised specifically to increase public awareness of the correct ways of transporting, handling and using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders and their regulators among gas cylinder distributors.

Julianna Kamaruddin, Chief Executive Officer of NGC Energy at Sungai Petani Convention, added: 

"Given the nature of business and the products these centres are dealing with, the emphasis on safety and health is paramount and should not be underestimated."

NGC Commitment:

At NGC Energy, safety and reliability in our operations remains our top priority

Due to the nature of working with LPG, NGC works hard to uphold strict HSSE standards in order to gain the trust of our clients, shareholders, and the general public. We make sure to uphold the highest quality and safety standards in our operations, team, and even our supplies in order to best serve our customers. Our company's Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) policies guide our ongoing efforts to:

Environmental Policy 

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

In order to continually achieve and maintain the best safety and environmental performance, we are committed to remaining the safest and most trustworthy organisation in our sector.

Our corporate and employee volunteerism programs promote economic, social and environmental efforts in the communities in which we live and work. Training & equipping workers, society and communities at large is our commitment as a corporate social responsibility since 2012.

Making continued advancement to Sustainability while providing energy guided by our strong pillars of excellence in environmental management, social responsibility and overall performance indicators allows us to make continued advancements.

Inauguration of MiraGas Dealer Premises

[caption id="attachment_77020" align="alignright" width="300"] Inauguration[/caption]

Opening Ceremony of MiraGas dealer premises held – Lim Gaz Sdn. Bhd.

A brief visit to the gas cylinders storage area after the launch of the convention at the MiraGas premises happened. NGC Hand-in-hand with MiraGas dealers is committed to providing dynamic, progressive and innovative energy solutions. A safe and secure sentiment is always linked with the MiraGas. Together we are committed to fulfilling Malaysia’s energy needs as a diversified energy manufacturing and logistics company.

We explore every avenue to meet the world's current energy requirements while identifying creative solutions to provide energy in the future. Our Research & Innovation team supports our current operations while putting each of us in a good position for a more sustainable future by constantly improving our technology and procedures. NGC looks forward to reaching new milestones every time hand in hand with MiraGas since its inception.

Workshop on Code of Practice for LPG Distribution & Health Safety Measures

Guidelines for Good Safety Practices in the LPG Industry are of utmost importance

LPG, like all energy sources, can be dangerous if handled improperly or misused. LPG should be stored, handled, distributed, and used carefully to prevent incidents, accidents, and their effects. This serves as the main motivation behind the Safety Promotion Programme and these rules. Actions that can be taken as control measures include those that can be used to reduce the possibility that a risk associated with exposure to a hazard will actually occur or to remove the hazard altogether. The hierarchy of control measures is frequently used while discussing control measures.

NGC builds strategic alliances that motivate people to take action, find answers to society's most pressing challenges, and improve people's lives. We strive to increase the robustness and sustainability of the economic, social, and environmental systems in the communities where our employees reside and work.

The workshop covered Regulatory Framework, LPG Safety & Distribution chain as well as manual handling of LPG Cylinders to ensure the safety of the workplace, workers & surroundings. The convention was structured to train and equip LPG gas distributors on legislation and requirements relating to the storage of Malaysian LPG and to share experiences and information on the risks and hazards involved. It was also in keeping with the mission and vision of DOSH to ensure the health and welfare of workplaces and the surrounding communities.

NGC’s 10th Year Anniversary - An auspicious occasion

2022 is a momentous year for NGC. The progress we made enabled us to be bolder in order to deliver the best possible services to consumers nationwide creating value for shareholders, customers and society. NGC is proud to deliver LPG in Malaysia for over 10 years. We are glad to invest in Education, Safety & preparedness, Environment & sustainability & Civic Enrichment. 

NGC values our longstanding brand MiraGas and the support of relevant authorities.

This is a historic celebration while we move on to our 10th Anniversary. NGC has been a key leader in the energising nation for the 10th consecutive year. We have taken pride in reliably empowering people's lives since 2012. 


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Delivering/Ensuring Safety, Health & Environment protection in LPG Distribution – NGC Energy
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