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Let’s hope this series of writings we are putting out is doing well for you and you are able to brush up on your basic knowledge of technical terms and how they work. If you have missed out on anything, just go to our Rozzario Media section to have a good read brush up on the basics.

Talking about organic or paid marketing, let’s first talk about how search engines works, as we already have basic SEO information covered in the previous blog.

Google, in all its tech glory, represents two completely different, yet equally valuable traffic sources to inbound marketers: organic search and paid search.

The methods for acquiring traffic from these two sources are known as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) respectively.

When you ask a question from Google or any other search engine, there is a familiar looking list of answers that appear, on top there are “ADS” and then below there are other search results, knows as the organic results. These ads are there due to their prevalent presence of keywords in them, based on your search term or phrase.

Organic Search

Traffic that comes from people finding your links among these ‘organic’ results is classified as “organic search” – we will talk about those Ads in the search results later.

On the subject of organic results, they are considered the most valuable and credible source for a list of reasons:

  • Google directs the highest amount of traffic to a trusted source and these organic links are trusted by others before you
  • Only a keyword rich page with quality content will appear in top organic searches, showing that people behind it are credible and active
  • It’s very difficult to move up in the ranking and it requires persistence and perseverance from the team behind it
  • Results on the first page of a search get about 92% of the traffic being redirected to them

So now as we have established that organic search ranking gives you as a business to reap long lasting benefits, more credibility, greater brand recall and overall a better image score in the minds of your consumer, but staying on the top is challenging task. The biggest downside to organic search engine leaderboard is that it takes a long time and effort to get noted and really start generating traffic.

But undeniably SEO is a game changer as it allows you to get the top spot and some time ago getting there wasn’t that hard, as the competition was bleak and simply writing a few articles and being active on back linking some stuff could get you on the top end of the listings but things have dramatically changes in recent few years.

With influx of so many digital platforms, social media included, new businesses, webmaster accounts that make new postings a breeze allows too much content to be created every day, this as a result makes internet very populated and thus coming on top of anything becomes increasingly hard. You never know what new things would come tomorrow, so you cannot judge what others will do and therefore, every move you make needs to be in sync with the modern practices.

But don’t be worried, let’s talk about the other side of the coin.

Paid search results are those that companies have paid to appear at the top of search results (above those who have earned their page spots organically.)

The little yellow box next to title that says “Ad” you must have seen is the differentiating factor of an ad from an organic result. Usually consumers can’t tell paid ads from the organic ones, and these paid ads often seem native and fit seamlessly into the desired search.

And who wouldn’t click any result on top of the search list, right. For this reason, paid search is an advertiser’s shortcut of getting ahead of the competition.

Rather than to have wait months for your name to rank on top, why not pay for it to be shown quickly, within some minutes in some instances. Although it does come down to making a very ingenious ad campaign for a market.

While starting your campaign, you of course need to be tactful and when done right, you can start getting a ton of targeted traffic to your intended pages much quicker than any organic method. Same implies on the social media site of content advertising as well. We will cover that up in much detail in a future release.

Our Conclusion

Both methods have their pros and cons, but it is possible to figure out which is better when and how.

As it takes three to six months to start seeing some improvement in your organic search rankings, you can be on top of a search by simple spending a few dollars. But the first has more credibility and longevity than the latter, and is less burdensome on the pocket.

The route you take depends on your business objectives, your market scenarios and your budget constraints. But you should keep in mind that the best way to go is to do both together, you just need to tweak the balance of these depending on your scenarios.

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