8 Reasons to use WordPress over Shopify


Here are 8 Reasons to use WordPress over Shopify

  1. You can download WordPress for free as it is an open-source platform. 

  2. WordPress is an extremely flexible platform, meaning that you can create all types of websites, unlike the limited Shopify experience. 

  3. WordPress provides a wide range of plugins, including both free and premium. Therefore, you can choose the features and functionality that are best suited to your business. Although Shopify has plugins, they are limited. 

  4. WordPress has a more sophisticated system for content management along with things like content versioning and archiving.

  5. WordPress has numerous products and variants available that are a lot more flexible than Shopify.  

  6. Create Better SEO Friendly Website Designs with WordPress platform relative to Shopify. With WordPress, you even have access to the leading platform from Yoast. 

  7. You can have better control over your marketing and content strategies. However, you might face difficulties starting with content on Shopify.

  8. WordPress is a far better choice to make than Shopify for multi-site projects or multi-language stores that need to operate around the globe.