12 Different Types of Website Designs in Malaysia


It’s worth to note that many websites have features of multiple types, and new trends and technology may rise and change the way website design is classified. A good website designer will be able to create a website that suits your business needs and goals, regardless of the specific category.

  1. E-commerce website design: For online stores and retail business
  2. Business website design: For corporate and professional businesses.
  3. Blog website design: For personal or professional bloggers.
  4. Portfolio website design: For artists, photographers, and designers.
  5. Landing page website design: For lead generation and marketing campaigns.
  6. One-page website design: For simple and minimalistic websites.
  7. Informational website design: For non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
  8. Custom website design: For unique and custom needs.
  9. Restaurant website design: For restaurants and food-related businesses.
  10. Hotel website design: For hotels and accommodation-related businesses.
  11. Clinic website design: For healthcare and medical-related businesses.
  12. Startup website design: For new and emerging businesses.


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